I'm Hannah and I'm a woman really. I live in Brighton with my son Roddy, but I was born and bred in South London and lived for some time in Australia, where I learnt how to love coffee and sunshine.

When I was at school my friends and I started making cakes for each other's birthdays, most of which were sugary nightmares to be honest. However, it sparked my interest in making cakes for people. I started to make one every week for my son's playgroup – at which many other parents were vegan – and people kept telling me I ought to start a business. I'd often get requests to make a cake for occasions, and then began selling plant-based cakes to one of the cafés in Hove.

Eventually I realised that I could start a small business, using the experience I've picked up from years of working in kitchens, from experimenting in my own kitchen and, obviously, through my arduous and extensive personal cake eating research.