Girl Got Cake
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classic homemade plant-based cakes


Health Vibes

I believe in working with ethical, seasonal and healthy ingredients as often as possible – eggs and dairy are an old-timey, super cheap and filling way to make food delicious, but it's not for everyone. I don’t bake with them. If you're up for respecting the planet and your body whilst still being able to enjoy life, Girl Got Cake is for you. Vegan, gluten free (on request) and raw diets catered for.


My Cakes

As a plant-based eater myself, I have sometimes found substituting delicious tasty food for environmental awareness and health difficult, because I start feeling like I'm missing out.

My mission is to make cakes that don't make people miss eggs and dairy – I believe they are neither necessary evils for the tasty, classic and timeless cakes that we grew up with, nor for the new exciting ones we have yet to try.